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The Personal Injury Team is a law firm built for "You". When a person is injured as a result of the fault or negligence of another person, business, corporation, or government agency, it is important to hire a personal injury attorney to fully and completely represent and protect the legal rights of the injury victim. Why is The Personal Injury Team a law firm firm built for "You", the personal injury victim? Here are 9 reasons why:

Experience. While experience alone does not get results, it is an important part of any attorney's background and shows the true effectiveness of an attorney. A rookie professional athlete may be a true sensation and lead the team to many victories; however, when handling a personal injury case, it would be quite troubling and risky to have a case handled by a first year attorney or an attorney who has never handled a personal injury case. The leader of the team should be an experienced attorney with a proven track record of successes. Rick Block has over 25 years of experience which includes thousands of cases, thousands of hearings, and over 180 full jury trials to verdict.

Confidence. With experience and success, there is confidence. There is a common experience, "Been there, done that." This applies to Rick Block, and the trial attorneys at The Personal Injury Team. The law firm has handled cases that involve traumatic injuries, extended therapy, surgery, and brain damage. You name the injury, and The Personal Injury Team has handled it. In addition, the law firm has successfully battled against dozens of major insurance companies. With The Personal Injury Team, you will get a firm that will confidently handle your case and zealously enforce your legal rights.

180 Trials. While many law firms may claim to have experience and confidence, very few (if any) will have a single attorney with as much trial experience and success as Jacksonville personal injury lawyer Rick Block. Completing 180 trials is extremely rare considering the time, expense, risk, and stress associated with each and every trial. You want to see and learn about the verdict for any one or all of these trials. Contact The Personal Injury Team to find out more about these trials and, more importantly, your case.

Results. Certainly, the vast number of trials distinguishes the The Personal Injury Team from many other law firms out there. However, it should be kept in mind that the jury trial is one way to get a case resolved. Most cases settle or resolve before a case goes through an entire jury trial. Some cases settle before a lawsuit is even filed. Some cases settle in the middle of the jury trial.

Insurance companies know which firms try cases and which firms merely settle cases. This clearly has an effect in how seriously an insurance company values a case in terms of the risk of trial to its clients and insureds. Obviously, no insurance company will pay reasonable value to any claim if there is no risk, and there is no risk when the claim is handled by a lawyer who the insurance company knows will never take the case to trial. With The Personal Injury Team, there is no doubt that the case can and will go through a jury trial if the right kind of settlement is not offered.

Million Dollar Verdicts. Is every case worth a million dollars or more? The simple answer to this question is No; however, many attorneys settle for a substantially lesser value than what the case is worth because the attorney simply fails to see the true value of the case, OR the attorney just does not want to take the risk associated with a jury trial. Very often that attorney will concentrate on witnesses in the case to convince the client to accept less money, when in reality the case is worth substantially more. The tragedy is that the client has been taken by his/her own lawyer, and never knows it.

The Personal Injury Team has taken cases with settlement offers well under $100,000 and has produced verdicts over $2,000,000. Every case should be fully and fairly evaluated on its own merits, and only in the interests of the client, not the lawyer.

Over 25 Years in Business. Rick Block has been practicing law for over 25 years. During this time period, he has studied and worked hard to build a name and reputation for someone who ONLY represents individuals to protect and enforce their legal rights. Through the years, Jacksonville personal injury attorney Rick Block has developed a truly effective way to represent the client. Rick Block is not an overnight success but one who mapped out the journey to get to the point in which he can be the best advocate he can for his injury clients.

National Speaker. When hiring a personal injury attorney, there should be a certain comfort in knowing that the attorney you hired is recognized by his peers and judges across the nation. Rick Block is a highly recognized and sought after speaker at attorney and litigation conferences across the United States on the issues and challenges that arise in personal injury cases. And just who is it that attends these conferences in seeks his advice? Other lawyers who hold themselves out to the public as "personal injury lawyers."

AV Rating. The Martindale Hubbell is a legal directory that originated in the 1800s. The legal directory is still in print and also available online as the Martindale Hubbell Legal Directory and Lawyers . Com.

Rick Block is an AV Preeminent Rated attorney, which means that he has the highest Martindale Hubbell Rating. The factors considered by Martindale Hubbell include Legal Knowledge, Analytical Capabilities, Judgment, Communication, and Legal Experience.

Compassion. Last but not least, The Personal Injury Team has compassion for its clients. To many law firms, a new client is just another number or part of the statistics. You will be shown the courtesy and respect deserved as the unique individual who you are, dealing with the challenges and issues of a serious personal injury. With the Personal Injury Team, you will get an attorney who listens, cares, and, yes, fights to protect and enforce your legal rights.

As you can see, The Personal Injury Team is a law firm built for "YOU".

Contact The Personal Injury Team today to discuss your case and get the compensation you deserve. A Free Consultation is provided for personal injury cases. If the case is accepted for representation, it will be handled on a contingency basis which means there will be no attorney fees if there is no recovery. Get your Free Consultation today.

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