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There are many choices these days in the selection of a personal injury attorney) or in our cases, attorneys) to handle a brain injury, brain damage, or traumatic brain injury case. You can hire the attorney who is right down the street, the attorney with the most billboards, the attorney who looks the sharpest in a suit and tie on a 30 second tv ad, OR the attorneys who actually try these cases around the country and also lecture to and teach other attorneys how to successfully handle brain injury cases. Rick Block and the entire team at The Personal Injury Team are available for serious injuries only, and are particularly active in brain injury cases.

As Managing Partner of The Personal Injury Team with over 25 years of experience, Rick Block and the attorneys at the Personal Injury Team are particularly experienced and prepared to handle your brain injury case, the brain injury case on behalf of an injured loved one or family member. Rick Block just lectured to over 100 attorneys in Las Vegas, Nevada, specifically on brain damage cases and their special issues.

Rick Block was one of only two faculty/speakers at this entire important event, along with another very important attorney with The Personal Injury Team - Dorothy Clay Sims. The Personal Injury Team was the only law firm represented at this event. Why were Rick Block and Dorothy Clay Sims invited as the only speakers/faculty at this event? The answer is quite simple. Only a few attorneys throughout the United States have the breadth and depth of both brain injury knowledge and trial skills to proficiently serve as speakers and serve as essentially professors of the issues, challenges, litigation and trial techniques to properly represent an injury victim in the aftermath of an automobile, motorcycle, trucking, bicycle, or pedestrian accident, many of whom unknowingly become represented by lawyers who have never even handled a brain injury case.

There is nothing improper or unethical about billboard and similar types of advertising, however, the presence of an attorney on a billboard or even dozens of billboards will do nothing to successfully advance the pursuit of the brain damage case. The brief message on a billboard will do nothing to educate or represent the well-deserving injury victim dealing with the every day challenges of attempting to cope with the aftermath of a motor vehicle accident.

The treatment / diagnosis of a brain injury is an emergency medical field that for years has been well behind the science and technology for treatment of other accident / traumatic related personal injures like neck and back injuries in the form of injured discs and bones, the fractures of bones in the upper and lower extremities, the tears and injuries to ligaments, tendons, and muscles, and laceration type injuries causing scars.

Similar to the scarcity of attorneys who really understand the emerging science and its effect on the legal issues surrounding brain injuries, there is also a limited pool of doctors in each community who systematically, effectively, and efficiently treat and diagnose brain injuries related to motor vehicle accidents as part of their every day practice and procedure.

It is now being better established that even a mild brain injury can have devastating effects on the work and personal life of the injury victim. Activities of daily living are impacted and modified to a degree never expected and certainly never desired by the injury victim even from what is termed as a "mild traumatic brain injuries," which much too often, end up being anything but "mild."

In the aftermath of a motor vehicle crash, get legal representation in place. Now. Get the attorneys who other attorneys rely upon for information, guidance, and advice on brain injury and other personal injury matters. Contact the "Lawyers' lawyers, the attorneys at The Personal Injury Team for a Free Consultation.

You will not get "one-to-one" service and legal representation from The Personal Injury Team, you will get the "TEAM-to -one" service, attention and full legal representation that you so need and deserve to properly and effectively pursue your personal injury case. The Personal Injury Team even has a medical doctor, Dr. Oregon Hunter, who serves as Medical Director. We invite you to investigate thoroughly other lawyers and law firms, and determine how many have an actual medical doctor on staff with the firm. Remember, The Personal Injury Team is a Law Firm Built for You.

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