Already Represented?

Do you need a personal injury attorney and trial lawyer but are already represented? Or, are you now in the process of selecting a personal injury attorney?

If you are already represented, there are questions that you need to ask your current attorney.

Do not feel shy or intimidated, as the responses could impact your financial future and physical well being. If you are not satisfied with the responses, you are free to seek additional advice and Counsel.

  • How long have you been practicing personal injury law?
  • What are the different areas of your practice?
  • How many personal injury cases do you currently have?
  • How do I know that it is you that I am getting as my lawyer, and that my case will not be shuffled off to someone else?
  • How many personal injury cases have you ever actually taken to jury verdict as lead lawyer?
  • Most importantly, what is your win/loss record, with “win” being defined as obtaining a jury verdict in an amount greater than the highest amount of money that was offered by the insurance company to settle before trial, and “loss” being defined as obtaining a jury verdict in any amount less than what was offered by the insurance company to settle before trial?
  • What are the strengths of my case, what makes it valuable?
  • What are the weaknesses in my case, those things that potentially could reduce its value?
  • What is my responsibility during the pendency of my case to help bring about the best possible result as opposed to your responsibility?
  • Why would an insurance company be afraid of you, meaning why would the insurance company offer the most money possible to settle my case, rather than test you in a jury trial?


The law firm which represents you has lots of cases, and you only have one. If your lawyer isn’t able to answer these questions, or does not want to answer these questions, what else isn’t he or she telling you? If you need an attorney, ask me these questions. I will answer them and any other questions or concerns you might have. Better yet, here is my cell number, call me: 904- 607-8888.

So, ask your current lawyer, or ask me:

“Please tell me why I should hire you, that is, why is it in my best interest that you represent me in this case, as opposed to any other lawyer.”

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