An Automobile Accident is Really a Crash or Collision

First of all, you will notice that The Personal Injury Team always calls them motor vehicle "crashes" or "collisions" as opposed to "accidents." The reason is that "accidents" is a much softer, more friendly word for describing someone else's negligence which resulted in a serious permanent injury. An "accident" makes it sound like it was no one's fault, "It's just an accident…!" Bull.

Language is very important and words are very important. Above and beyond anything else, if you have been seriously injured, you must consult our various blogs on motor vehicle crashes and issues involving motor vehicle crashes as there are simply too many to explain in one piece. Motor vehicle collisions resulting in permanent injury necessarily impact all sorts of issues: economic damages, non-economic damages, expert witness testimony, consulting experts, treating doctors, PowerPoint presentations, categories of loss, future losses, layers of insurance coverages… and that is only to name a few of what can be very important, crucial and sometimes complicated issues.

Remember, you only have one chance to obtain a maximum recovery in your case. Cases can only be resolved in one of two ways: 1) settlement or 2) trial. Ironically, the only way to maximize the recovery in any case in terms of settlement value is to be ready and pose a significant credible risk at a trial. Therefore, you simply must be represented by a lawyer that has a proven trial record of substantial victories in personal injury cases that will be well-known, well-respected, and pose a significant risk to an insurance company. That is why you must call us and become acquainted with our trial record. You can bet the insurance companies know it. That is why we get the phenomenal results that we do for our clients, whether it be in settlements or trials.

Also, speaking of lawyers, you must be very careful about the size of the law firm you choose to represent you, and whether they are "TV lawyers" or not. The reason is quite simple. Very often large firms brag about the accomplishments of the senior members, but that is not who represents you. Your case gets assigned to a junior associate who has participated in none of those accomplishments. With The Personal Injury Team, your case gets tried by trial attorneys who spend each and every day preparing for trial or presenting a case at trial. The Personal Injury Team consists of seasoned and hard working trial attorneys. While there is nothing wrong or unethical about attorneys who spend a large portion of their time and money marketing, advertising, and running TV ads, The Personal Injury Team prefers to spend its time, resources, and intellectual work effort on what counts - trial preparation and trial presentation.

Further, the "TV lawyers" can be even more dangerous. The reason is simple. Money. To advertise on television regularly is incredibly expensive, and puts a great deal of pressure on these types of firms to continually feed that constant great expense. Therefore, it can be become in the firm's best interest to settle a case, but not necessarily yours! In fact, many clients end up having their cases short-sold, and never know it because they have been misled or misinformed by the law firm, which is in desperate need for the fees generated from that case to pay its TV bills. We do not advertise on television, radio or other traditional forms of mass media.

If you have been seriously injured, contact The Personal Injury Team right now. Get your Free Consultation and the help that you deserve. Every day matters! If you have been seriously injured and are not yet represented, your case can be substantially compromised. Do not wait!

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