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Located in North York and throughout the Greater Toronto Area, Kronis Rotsztain Margles Cappel LLP helps injury victims. In addition to accident benefits, insurance claims, and disability insurance claims, we are committed to getting you the full compensation you deserve. Throughout your case, our lawyers will keep you informed and involved. In the wake of your injury, your insurance company is likely to contact you, possibly with a settlement offer. An experienced personal injury lawyer should be consulted before speaking with them. Don’t hesitate to call the attorneys other lawyers rely on!

Reputation Rating: 5/5
Professionalism: 5/5
Price: Contingency

Grillo Barristers


Grillo Barristers was founded in 1984. Over the years servicing the North York region, Grillo Barristers has effectively prosecuted over 20,000 claims and settled over 300 million dollars from trials before the Superior Court. We take pride in helping the many innocent people that are entitled to compensation of pain and hardship. Our wide range of cases include those who have income and wages lost, accidents and rehabilitation, etc.

Reputation Rating: 5/5
Professionalism: 5/5
Price: Contingency

Beyond Law


Neinstein Personal Injury Lawyers services the GTA region and specializes in personal injury law. We have lawyers tailored to highly specialized fields of law such as medical malpractise to ensure the success of your case. Our goal is to help guide clients and the people they care for through each process of the legal system. We want you to receive the best and proper compensation possible.

Reputation Rating: 5/5
Professionalism: 5/5
Price: Contingency

File a Winning Case with Best Personal Injury Lawyer North York

A personal injury case refers to any incident or happening in which an individual receives some sort or kind of wounds, damages, and grievances. It may pertain to
their body, property, or car. Generally, such injuries occur from accidents caused
by the actions of another person. The deed may be either intentional or
unintentional, arising from negligence in the second scenario. 

Conventionally, the victim of a personal injury case can seek appropriate
compensation and settlement for the damages and wounds they received. The
other party responsible for the accident remains compelled to provide them with
the amount. This exchange may get done outside court with the help of the best
personal injury lawyer North York. However, the case may have to get
presented before a judge or jury if the two parties cannot reach a mutual

Are You Searching for a Top Personal Injury Lawyer North York?
Personal injury cases can be strenuous and taxing for the involved parties. It can
prove to be a demanding period for the mind and body. Thus, we understand the
need for getting reliable and trustworthy legal help during this time. That is why
we present only the best and top-rated lawyers to put your mind at ease.

Our personal injury lawyers have superior skills, talents, abilities, and dexterities
to take on any case you may bring their way. On top of that, they have sufficient
experience in the field and registered with the Law Society of Ontario. Thus, they know how to handle the various types and
kinds of incidents. In other words, they remain well-versed with the legal
elements and aspects of a personal injury proceeding. It, in turn, allows them to
determine and suggest the best way to go about your case so that you can get the
maximum benefit out of it.

In addition, our lawyers strive for and achieve their distinct personal growth and
development milestones. Thus, they keep improving their abilities and
capabilities as they handle more cases. Hence, we can say with surely that you would get left with nothing but satisfaction and contention should you decide to hire our personal injury lawyers.

Lawyer Rating System
Here at The Injury Lawyer Team understand the essentiality and weight of choosing the best personal injury lawyer to handle your case. The selection directly or indirectly determines the outcome of your incident or proceeding. On top of that, they help establish the consequences you can get from the case. Hence, we follow and present a stringent
rating system for all our personal injury lawyers. 

Our rating remains based on the peer recognition and personal achievement of
each of our personal injury lawyers using our trusted rating system. Not only have we committed to researching the best injury lawyer North York, but we’ve studied the best personal injury lawyer in Kitchener as-well. In addition to that, they get nominated and
elected by their community. It, in turn, influences their rating or rank. Overall,
our purpose or objective is to screen or filter the list of lawyers who can handle
your case in the best possible way and to get the desired results. 
A few parameters or aspects on which we rate our personal injury lawyers consist
of the following:

We consider the experience our personal injury lawyer would have accumulated
while working in the field. On top of that, we also check through to see if the
attorney has dealt with cases like yours. They may have done so before. If the
lawyer has done so, we count how many similar proceedings they have handled
and managed. 

It allows us to segregate personal injury lawyers based on their experience and
involvement in the field. In other words, the rating we decide based on the
mentioned parameter permits us to express and represent the proficiency and
know-how they may display when handling your case. 

Our personal injury lawyers may specialize in one or more areas or sections of the
law. It can consist of contracts, criminal, domestic, corporations, and other
similar aspects. 

The more specializations a particular lawyer has, the higher we keep their rating.
It indicates that they can deal with several cases and legal elements flawlessly,
skillfully, and competently. 

Peer and Client Review
Peer and client reviews are two crucial criteria we consider when determining
and creating the rating system for our personal injury lawyers. We check if the
attorneys have complaints or grievances against themselves or their services. In
addition, we assess the reasons behind each criticism to see where the fault lies
and how our lawyers can improve themselves. The complaints may be related to
their work ethics, sincerity, attitude, work completion rate, etc. 
The personal injury lawyer with the least number of complaints from their clients
and peer would inevitably hold a high rank in the rating system. It, in turn, would also imply that their colleagues and customers appreciate them and their work. 

Benefits of Hiring a Personal Injury Lawyer
You can get numerous benefits from hiring a personal injury lawyer, a few of
which consist of the following:

Settlement Negotiations
Most personal injury cases get settled outside court. It is generally through
private talks and discussions between the involved parties. 
A personal injury lawyer can help in these cases by negotiating the terms and
amount of the compensation or settlement. They take a neutral approach and
strive to bring the best possible results to their clients.

Court Representation
Sometimes, a personal injury case may go to court. The scenario may occur when
the relevant individuals cannot reach a mutual agreement and understanding. 
In such instances, the involved parties must present themselves before a court.
However, a personal injury lawyer can reduce the burden on their clients by acting as their representative. They can take over a few essential responsibilities,
such as preparing the evidence, witnesses, and case details. 

On top of that, a personal injury lawyer can prepare all the documents. It can be
for a court presentation of the case. They can include written testimonies,
medical records, insurance evidence, damage proofs, etc. 
The attorneys can collect and arrange them efficiently and quickly. 

Medical Help and Attention
A personal injury lawyer’s experience and time in the field allow them to build
relevant and valuable connections with other people. Among them, they can form
a network with medical practitioners. This relationship can prove beneficial when
their clients need reliable medical help. In other words, they can recommend
doctors or nurses to their customers. 
It can help clients receive flawless medical attention at a cheaper rate or service
fee. Furthermore, they can get help fast for a trustworthy person. 

Insurance Company Handling
Sometimes, the people involved in a personal injury case may need to work with
and handle insurance companies for damage claims. It may be to their property
or body. Overall, the process is tiring and demanding. Thus, it takes a significant
strain on the mind. However, the essentiality of the procedure compels the
individuals to go forward with it. 

A personal injury lawyer can help in such instances. They can take over the work
of dealing with the insurance companies even if the latter acts in bad faith. In
addition, they can work more effectively and efficiently. They can do it much
better than ordinary citizens owing to their knowledge and experience. 

Can I File a Personal Injury Claim Without a Lawyer?
According to the legal specifications associated with a personal injury case, an
individual can file a claim without any outside help. In other words, they do not necessarily require a lawyer’s support and guidance to go through and complete
the process.

There are a few pros associated with the approach. For instance, it provides the
plaintiff with the chance or opportunity to learn and understand various aspects
of the law. In addition to that, it helps minimize the cost linked to the case. One
of them can entail the lawyer service fee. In addition, filing and handling a
personal injury claim and case without an attorney can increase the plaintiff’s
confidence. However, a few cons also remain related to it. One of them can be the plaintiff’s
lack of knowledge and understanding to handle the personal injury case
appropriately. In other words, they may face some issues along the way. On top of
that, they have to manage all aspects without any prior experience. Thus, they
may not be able to get the settlement amount they should have received. It may
be for non-economic, punitive, or economic damages.

When to Hire a Personal Injury Lawyer
Conventionally, you can hire a personal injury lawyer whenever you get involved
in an accident caused by another person’s intentional or negligent actions and
receive wounds because of it. The best approach is to engage in their services
soon after the accident. It helps minimize any potential problems.
Suppose you cannot prove that the injuries you sustained resulted from another
person’s negligent or intentional act. In such cases, a personal injury lawyer can
assist. They can use their knowledge and experience to gather evidence and
witness testimonies to prove their clients were the victim. It, in turn, ensures
compensation for the damages and grievances.

A personal injury lawyer can also help in scenarios where the victims get blamed
for their injuries. Sometimes, they can also provide mental relief and trauma care
when the situation gets too strenuous and overwhelming for their clients.

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