Bicycle Accidents

The world, lifestyle, health, and well-being of a Florida Bicyclist can be drastically changed in a moment of time due to the negligence and carelessness of a driver of a motor vehicle or truck. When there is a bicycle crash with injuries, it is helpful to retain a bicycle accident attorney to protect and enforce the legal rights of the injury victim. Based in Jacksonville, Florida, The Personal Injury Team is committed to your bicycle accident case with a strong work ethic, skill, and quest for justice.

Let's face and be really clear on this. A bicycle, as a machine and mode of transportation, will never overpower or outmatch the size, strength, durability, weight, or volume of even the smallest of compact motor vehicles. When there is a bicycle accident, the protections afforded to the driver and passengers of a motor vehicle just are not present for the bicyclist. Sure, the cyclist can wear a helmet and protective road gear; however, when a motor vehicle made an errant left turn into the path of a bicyclist - the resulting personal injuries can be quite devastating. There are certain collisions that simply no protective gear will protect the innocent victim from serious and permanent personal injuries resulting from a bicycle accident.

Our Law Firm is Battle Tested and Ready to Handle Your Personal Injury Case

In the aftermath of a Jacksonville, Florida Bicycle Accident, where should the injured cyclist and his or her family turn to legal representation? There are a number of choices in Florida when selecting a personal injury lawyer or law firm. When selecting an attorney, make sure you find one willing to battle the insurance company and, if necessary, take the case through to a jury trial. In most cases, the battle is ultimately between your attorney, who does and should serve as your advocate and protector in the legal case, and an insurance company. In this day and age, insurance companies are fully equipped with multiple databases and information. If you select an attorney who merely settles the case at the first chance possible, the insurance company will absolutely know it. Every time. The objective of the insurance company in personal injury cases is to save money. Every time. Often, the insurance company is able to save money if a settlement can be worked out with an attorney unwilling, financially unable or essentially afraid to take the case forward to the next step and through trial, if necessary.

When a person is injured as a result of a Florida Bicycle Accident, the injury victim may be entitled to benefits or insurance form a different policies including the victim's own automobile insurance policy. That's right, an injured cyclist can have his or her medical bills paid through his or her PIP (Personal Injury Protection) and / or Med Pay (Medical Payment) provisions under the applicable automobile insurance policies. Many personal injury victims and family members do not realize that the family automobile insurance policy can provide these PIP and Med Pay benefits.

Furthermore, there may also be a recognizable claim to the Underinsured Motorist or Underinsured Motorist insurance coverage as well. When dealing with these issues and challenges, it is important to retain the services of an experienced personal injury law firm. The Personal Injury Team is a Law Firm Built for You. With The Personal Injury Team, you will get experienced attorneys who handle nothing but personal injury cases including bicycle accident cases.

We have a Medical Doctor on Staff to Review and Present the Strongest Medical Case on Your Behalf

The Personal Injury Team is one of only a few law firms in the State of Florida with a full time Medical Doctor (M.D.) on board to review records and to make sure that the strongest medical case and facts are presented to the insurance company.

Your Automobile Insurance May Provide Benefits for Your Bicycle Accident Personal Injuries

In addition to the insurance coverage that the bicyclist may have on his or her automobile, there may be additional coverage afforded the injured cyclist under a resident family member's automobile insurance policy. That's right - there could be two ore more automobile insurance policies providing benefits to the injured cyclist. Of course, if the at-fault driver and owner had Bodily Injury insurance coverage in place, this could be a source of compensation or financial recovery for the injury victim.

Our Law Firm Will Protect and Enforce Your Legal Rights Following a Bicycle Accident

Through a proper investigation and retrieval of the applicable insurance policies and documents, The Personal Injury Team will protect and enforce your legal rights through the pursuit of an insurance claim and then litigation (if necessary). If the insurance company is not willing to compensate the victim in a reasonable, timely, and just manner, a lawsuit can be filed and the case can be brought through to a jury trial. At The Personal Injury Team law firm, you will be represented by an attorney - - not a case manager, investigator, or a legal assistant which seem to have most of the contact with clients at some other law firms. You want an experienced attorney to fight for your legal rights - you will get just that at The Personal Injury Team.

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Following a Florida Bicycle Accident, there will be a number of challenges and issues to deal with including but not limited to the selection of doctors, follow up treatment, payment of medical bills, therapy, lost wages, and more - - - An injured bicyclist should not pedal down the path of a legal case or claim alone. Get The Personal Injury Team today. You will receive a Free Consultation. If the case is accepted by the law firm, it will be handled on a contingency basis - No Recovery - No Fee.

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