Brain Injuries (TBIs)

Traumatic Brain Injuries / Brain Damage Cases

The attorneys at The Personal Injury Team are among the most skilled and experienced in the United States in the field of Traumatic Brain Injuries (often referred to as a TBI case), Brain Damage caused by automobile, trucking, motorcycle, bicycle, pedestrian, and other accident cases resulting from the negligence or carelessness of others. While many Jacksonville Florida law firms advertise and proclaim their proficiency in this area of law, the truth is that The Personal Injury Team stands apart from the other law firms in that...

We Have Taken Over 180 Personal Injury Cases to Trial Including Those Personal Injury Cases That Involve Traumatic Brain Injuries

In addition to these trial results and a proven record of success, we have settled over one thousand personal injury cases over the past 25 years that we have been serving personal injury clients, residents of the State of Florida, and visitors to the Sunshine State. We have also represented clients in other jurisdictions and states as a nationally recognized attorneys who work with other law firms and who regularly speak and actually teach other lawyers on the topic of brain injury and brain damage accident cases. We have a team of traumatic brain injury attorneys ready for action and to fight the battle in court and at trial if necessary.

We are Nationally Recognized Traumatic Brain Injury Attorneys in the Field of Brain Damage and Traumatic Brain Injury Cases

Dorothy Clay Sims is no ordinary attorney. As a traumatic brain injury attorney, she has developed a practice and expertise in dealing with, deposing, and cross examining medical providers, defense doctors, neuropsychologists, neurologists, and others in the arena of traumatic brain injuries and brain damage. Her years of experience and thousands of hours in deposition and the courtroom have gained Dorothy Clay Sims as a national recognized legal expert who is regularly called in to help and co-counsel with not only other Florida attorneys, but also attorneys across the nation. She is a nationally recognized speaker who has the respect of her peers, colleagues, legal experts, and, yes, even medical experts in the field. With Dorothy Clay Sims, a traumatic brain injury attorney with The Personal Injury Firm on the traumatic brain injury case, the client is well-served and represented in the pursuit of justice and just compensation for traumatic brain injury damages and losses.

We Have Attorneys who Speak Nationally and Train Other Personal Injury Lawyers in the Field of Traumatic Brain Injury Cases

While other law firms handle the traumatic brain injury cases (or at least claim to and advertise for them), The Personal Injury Team has two attorneys (Rick Block and Dorothy Clay Sims) who actually teach, train, and lecture other attorneys and professional in the field of traumatic brain injury law practice, and trial work. Over the past 25 years, Rick Block and Dorothy Clay Sims have developed a reputation for excellence, reliability, and actual success with respect to the pursuit, litigation, and trial of traumatic brain injury claims and cases.

We Understand the Science and Medicine Associated With Traumatic Brain Injury Cases

Science has made incredible strides in the last 10 years in discovering intricacies of the brain, brain injury and causes of brain damage through trauma that were previously unknown and realized. As you can understand, since medical science is only just learning these new intricacies, most lawyers are far behind in keeping up with the signs and being able to prove how and why brain damage is caused and exists from different types of trauma, whether it be car accidents, bicycle accidents, trip and falls, etc. To assist us with the brain injury cases, we have a Medical Doctor on staff to review all of the records to make sure the traumatic brain injury is properly diagnosed and presented in the medical records and that appropriate and necessary treatment, follow up, and therapy are part of the care / documentation.

When speaking to a personal injury attorney or law firm, make sure you find out the experience, qualification, and credentials of the lawyer who will be handling your case. This is especially important in the handling of a traumatic brain injury claim or case with often involves a host of challenges, intricacies, and strategies that affect the way that a case is handled and certain affect the way in which a case is resolved. At The Personal Injury Team, we know how to handle serious traumatic brain injury cases. Ask us about our experience and the manner in which we handle these cases.

The statistics and numbers are quite staggering for traumatic brain injury victims and sufferers. It is estimated that 1 million people suffer from a traumatic brain injury event every year with over 70,000 people suffering a long term injury that affects the activities of daily living, the work, and home life of the unfortunate victim.

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