Bullying by Insurance Companies... Stops Here with The Personal Injury Team

Automobile Insurance companies are big and powerful, and loaded with financial resources, adjusters, attorneys, and claims representatives. In many instances, insurance companies are also cold, heartless, and and take the position of putting profits over people even with the very people who purchase insurance coverage from them. When a person is victimized as a result of an automobile collision, there is no need for this injury victim to be injured, victimized, and bullied after the automobile crash by a low settlement offer or even a denial of the claim altogether.

Rick Block, founding partner of The Personal Injury Team, understands the mentality of a bully and being on the unfair end of bullying acts. As a scrawny elementary school student in in Florida, Rick experienced first hand the feeling of being bullied on a daily basis. As he moved on through high school, he worked out, became an athlete and promised himself and others close to him that he would never ever be victimized by a bullying ever again. This confident and "can do" attitude has formed the core fiber of the law firm - The Personal Injury Team.

Instead of playground and hallway bullies in schools, The Personal Injury Team is now battling and beating up on the giant bullies in the form of automobile insurance companies and their armies of adjusters and attorneys. It is also common for The Personal Injury Team to battle with doctors who are hand picked and handsomely paid by the insurance companies to testify and come to court to challenge the claims of the injury victims that a real, life changing, and result of the negligence or carelessness of others.

Despite the presence and proof of significant life changing injuries, insurance companies will still go into battle with their regular crew of doctors, adjusters, and attorneys. Some of the insurance hired doctors literally make over a million of dollars a year in performing court ordered or compulsory medical examinations. These hired doctors are not treating physicians but just predictable and well paid witnesses with a medical background.

With what seems to be endless resources, insurance companies will challenge the merits of even a significant case with a vehicle that was crushed and / or totalled, a client with months and even years of medical treatment, and diagnostic testing that show the trauma related injuries.

Why do insurance companies offer settlements that are low or deny claims with good merit? It is because the insurance companies are bullies. They are bullies with money, time, resources, and the armies of doctors and lawyers to forward their ideology and business plan.

If an insurance company offers a reasonable settlement on a case, then there can be an amicable settlement and resolution of the crash case. But that rarely (fairly) happens. Because insurance companies are bullies. And most of the time, they get away with it.

If the settlement is unacceptable, then there can be litigation (if there is a lawyer willing to go there), which can then proceed through to a jury trial. How many times has The Personal Injury Team taken a case the distance in the face of the challenges of an insurance company? Pay attention now. The Personal Injury Team has taken over 180 cases through to trial. That's right, the law firm has gone the distance over 180 times. There are firms that have been in existence for 30 or more years that do not have this many jury trials under their belt even with multiple so called "trial attorneys." It is both uncommon and impressive to have this many trials and so many of these cases result in verdicts well in excess of $1 Million.

Insurance companies will bully and low ball a case if they think they can get away with it. When a case is handled by The Personal Injury Team, the insurance company will take notice and should note that if the insurance company ask for a fight or battle - it will get one with a fight, battle or case pursued by The Personal Injury Team.

There is an old expression as follows: "See you in court." With the law firm - The Personal Injury Team - as your attorneys on a personal injury case, when The Personal Injury Team says this to an insurance company - they know that it is real statement with real consequences.

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