Client Testimonials

I want to thank Eric Block for his tireless efforts on my case resolution. It is really a lonely road dealing with injury. You and your staff made such a difference in my life. I am grateful that referred me to you. Thank you again for caring and I will always be your fan!

I want to thank Eric Block for his professional services and the kindness he has shown me. While I am a little embarrassed at my knowledge of the legal world, my son’s trial was a very stressful and confusing time for me. Without question, I now feel that I hired the very best Attorney for my son: Eric Block. It is my pleasure to refer you to everyone as the best Attorney in Jacksonville and an awesome person as well! I share this from my heart. Thank you.

I would like to thank Eric Block for his compassion and willingness to never give up. It is people like Mr. Block who are able to repair so many of the wrongs which occur in this world. I am forever grateful to him for the strength he gave me in my darkest moments. Mr. Block is a very special person, more than an Attorney. I thank him for his time and patience, as well as his smile at each of our meetings. From my home to his.

Eric, I can’t thank you enough! You worked so hard and were extremely impeccable as well as thorough with all the details concerning my case. I am so grateful to you and your staff, and that is “on-the-record.” I am still blown away by your heartfelt closing statement which brought tears to myself and my family. With many, many thanks.

Mr Block I am very appreciative of your hard work on my case. You did an amazing job with a tough case. A friend told me you were the best trial attorney in Jacksonville and you certainly proved him right. You style of arguing my case left the jury feeling a real connection to you I am certain that your style is why we got what we did. After learning about what the real-world, and the “fake issues” presented to jury, I now know even more how you did a great job. Even when new issues “popped up” you did a great job defending me. When it is your life and medical care that is being decided, it become personal and it is hard not to give input. I really appreciate your listening to, and honoring my opinions. Your closing really did leave me in tears. I know our relationship is one of Attorney-Client, but you did more for me than I would even ask of a friend. Thank you for all the long days and nights away from your family to work on my case. You are a great person and I hope to see you again.

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