Harold Ward: I Never Give Up!

What Happened:

In 2005, I tried the case of Harold Wald. Mr. Wald was injured in a motor vehicle collision, and even though there was no surgery, to make a long story shorter, we were able to obtain a jury verdict of over $1 million. That’s the good news.

The bad news is that the First District Court of Appeal ruled that the trial Judge made an error (in one of his rulings in our favor), ordered that the verdict be thrown out, and that the case must be tried all over again. I felt, with all respect, that the decision of the District Court of Appeal was unjust, and not in keeping with Florida law.

Accordingly, I asked the Supreme Court of Florida to take jurisdiction and hear the case. It is very unusual that this occurs. The Florida Supreme Court denies the vast majority of these requests. There is no automatic right of appeal to the Florida Supreme Court.

However, I was encouraged when the Supreme Court accepted jurisdiction, and ultimately allowed us to present our appeal of the Defendant’s successful appeal of my jury verdict, which had resulted in the loss of the entire verdict, and the ordering of a new trial.

Myself, along with the spectacular work of my dear friend Perry Penland, Jr., worked on the appeal in the Florida Supreme Court, and after presenting our arguments, nothing happened. For a year. And then another year. And then another year. And another.

However, finally, the Florida Supreme Court ruled that we were right all along, we were right at trial when we asked the trial judge for the ruling that he gave us, which the First District Court of Appeal had determined was reversible error. The Florida Supreme Court ruled that it was the ruling against us by the First District Court of Appeal that was error, and the Florida Supreme Court reinstated the entire verdict with interest.

This is but one example of our dedication to never cease fighting for our clients. If I don’t believe in any case, I simply will not accept it. However, if I do believe in a case, I will ceaselessly fight within the law, and I will never, never give up. Never.

As always, if you have any questions, feel free to contact me personally at (904) 475-9400. If you are seriously injured, you only have one chance to be represented by the best. Do your part. Investigate your attorney. Know, in detail, that attorney’s track record. The past is prologue, and how can you expect the best results in your case, unless you are represented by a personal injury attorney who has already proven both capability and determination to achieve the best results possible? And who will never give up.

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