How Committed is Your Personal Injury Attorney to Your Case?

Costs and Proper Work Up of Your Case

Costs are exactly what they sound like. Costs are expenses that are required to pursue your case. And because the Florida Supreme Court allows personal injury attorneys to advance your costs (recognizing that most people cannot absorb the most often tremendous costs that are required to advance a personal injury case), it sounds pretty simple, does it not? The lawyer advances your costs for you. Not so fast.

It is not that simple.

In fact, it could be devastating to your interests, actually counterproductive to a full and fair recovery for your case. Let us explain why.

Litigation is expensive. Insurance companies profit from that. Big time.


Because insurance companies know that there are many, many attorneys that try to "earn" money from representing injured people, but who will not be willing or able to advance the substantial costs that it takes to potentially take the case to trial.

Why does it cost so much? Because doctors charge a great deal of money to first, be deposed, second, to actually testify for trial. There are costs for investigation. Every case is required to go to mediation. That costs money. There are costs from mediation presentations. Witnesses have to be deposed. There are costs for court reporters and expensive costs for transcripts, all of which much to be acquired to prepare the case properly. There are many different types of "experts," who literally make their living doing nothing but serving as professional witnesses in personal injury cases. They cost a great deal of money, and they are an unavoidable expense. These expenses add up, fast, and it is not unusual for a personal injury trial to cost between $50,000 and $100,000.

Therefore, the insurance company knows and counts on being able to settle your case for literally, "pennies on the dollar," because the innocent victim of someone else's negligence who is been permanently injured has made a poor choice in hiring a lawyer. In other words, the insurance companies know which lawyers will spend the money, the substantial money, that it takes to go to trial, in which lawyers will not. And unless trial is a possibility, the insurance company has no risk. In The hands of those lawyers, your case is virtually meaningless.

You see, this is where the insurance company has an advantage over you. They know who the real trial lawyers are. They know who the lawyers are that will spend the money that it takes to bring about substantial verdicts. And they know who the lawyers are that won't.

And here's where your own lawyer can become your worst enemy.

You see, every personal injury case has it strengths and has its weaknesses. I know it sounds hard to believe, but every case can be "spun" as a $5000 case, or a $5 million case. People who don't know better, don't know better.

And so what happens, way too often, is that a lawyer who does not want to spend the substantial sum of money that it takes to fully litigate the case "spins" that case to his or her own client as being worth much less than it really is, manipulating the client, through fear, into being willing to settle.

So the ultimate irony… the lawyer who promises to be willing to "advance all costs" to the client, and precisely because of those substantial potential costs, manipulates the client into giving up.

And the client never knows.

Find out how many cases your lawyer has felt competent enough to take to trial. Find out how recently. Find out the results.

Personal injury cases and trials are not cheap. Personal injury cases and trials are not for the faint of heart. Personal injury cases and trials are not for the uncommitted. Personal injury and trials expensive. Personal injury cases and trials require so much more than just being a graduate from a law school.

Personal injury costs.

Call us at The Personal Injury Team. Ask us about our trial results. Ask us about our ability to provide costs for an expensive jury trial. Ask us about our willingness to take cases to trial. Ask us why we are different.

Be informed. Be represented. Let us fight for your rights by putting our time, expertise, worth ethic, and, yes, costs to work.

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