How Do I Choose a Personal Injury Attorney to Handle my Automobile Accident Case in Florida?

car accidentWhen a person suffers injuries as a result of the fault of another driver, there are a number of choices as to attorneys, lawyers, and law firms in the State of Florida; however, there is still a question as to which attorney or law firm to select. In particular, the following question arises:

How do I choose a personal injury attorney to handle my automobile accident case in Florida?

Like medical decision, educational decisions, and other important life decisions, it is important to make an informed decision as to the selection of a personal injury attorney to handle a claim or case on behalf of the victim. Here are a few factors to consider:

Experience of the Attorney Actually Handling the Case

It is important to have an experienced attorney handle the case. Many law firms utilize case managers and inexperienced associates to handle the case. At the Block Law Firm, the case will be handled by one of the partners of the law firm. You will have an experienced attorney from start to finish on your case.

Trial Experience

While there are many experienced attorneys out there, very few these days go to court or trial on cases on a regular basis. Ask the attorney you interview about prior trials, recent trials, and upcoming trials. Attorney Rick Block has handled over 180 civil jury trials over his career. He is regularly set for trial and in trial on a monthly basis. In some months, he actually tries more than one case.

Knowledge of Medical Terminology, Records, and Expert Witnesses

It is also important for the personal injury attorney to be knowledgeable and conversant in medical terms and procedures. On every personal injury cases filed and headed for potential trial, there are always medical providers and expert witnesses to contend with. It is important for the attorney to understand the medical part of the case and to be able to present testimony and cross examine witnesses on the stand about their opinions. Insurance companies often bring in experts that are in court more than the personal injury attorney. Rick Block has successfully cross examined some of the most experienced defense expert witnesses. The verdicts and settlements have clearly shown the effectiveness of Rick Block’s litigation and trial techniques.

Accessibility to the Attorney Handling the Case

Another important factor to clients seeking an attorney to handle a personal injury case is accessibility. It is great to have an experienced attorney assigned to a case; however, if the client has issues in contacting and connecting to the attorney, all of the experience in the world may not be of such great benefit to the client. Rick Block provides each and every client his mobile number and his e-mail address. With Rick Block, you get experience, expertise, and accessibility.


Another important factor in selecting an attorney involves the ability of the attorney to connect with the client and identify the needs of the client.

Rick Block is a father, son, and member of the community. He has not lost sight even with all of his trials and successes about who and what is important in each and every case. At the Block Law Firm, the focus is on you – the client. Without the client, there is no case and there is no reason to pursue a case or claim.

The aftermath of an automobile accident, trucking accident, bicycle accident, and pedestrian accident can be quite stressful. It is at this very time period that the injury victim and family deserve to have an advocate in place who can and will protect and fight for the victim’s legal rights.

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