How Do I Select an Automobile Accident Attorney for My Case? 5 Factors to Consider

personal injury law When you or a family member is in an automobile accident (better designated as a crash), there are a number of challenges and issues that arise. It is important at this challenging time to have an attorney serve as your advocate and legal counsel. While it is not necessarily difficult to locate a Jacksonville, Florida personal injury attorney, it is not always easy to find the right attorney with experience, know how, and skill to handle the case as it deserves to be handled.

To provide you with some guidance on this important decision here are 5 factors to consider.

Experience. There is no substitute for experience. A personal injury case is not a case that should be given to a case manager or your associate with little to no experience. A number of issues can and do arise. When you need answers, guidance, and stellar legal representation, experience matters. At the Personal Injury Team, the law partners each have over 10 years of experience.

Trial Skills. It is one thing to be able to handle the administrative parts of an insurance claim. It is quite another to try or present a case before a jury. Our law firm has a track record of over 200 jury verdicts. When one considers the time and preparation involved in the actual trial of a case, this is quite a substantial number of jury trials.

Results. Certainly, no attorney can or should guarantee a result; however, a history of high end settlements and multiple million dollar verdicts illustrates what our law firm can do with the right facts with the right client. At the Personal Injury Team, we take your case very seriously and put it on the path to convince the insurance companies to pay sooner or later. Often, the further we take the case – the more that the insurance company ends up paying. Of course, each case should be evaluated on its own facts and merits.

Representation by an Attorney. This may seen quite obvious; however, many law firms these days (especially the larger firms) assign a case manager to a file and there is very little attorney involvement during long stretches of time on a file. At The Personal Injury Team, you not only get one attorney by a team of attorneys on your case to discuss strengths, weaknesses, strategy, and, most importantly action to be taken to protect and enforce the legal right of clients.

Passion for Winning. Another factor to consider is the passion for winning. Passion is certainly important. There should also be a passion for justice and fairness. At our law firm, you will have a law firm in place with a passion for the win. If the case should proceed all the way through trial based on the facts, coverage, and basic sense of fairness, it will go all the way through trial. Of course, each case or claim must be evaluated on its own merits.

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