John Stibbens: The Largest Knee Verdict in US Judicial History!

Knee Injury

“The Largest Knee Verdict in History!”

As always, the smartest thing that you can do if you have been seriously injured, is to be represented by A personal injury attorney who has a proven track record of jury verdicts against these insurance companies. Cases can only be resolved in one of two ways, either settlement or by jury verdict. You can be sure that no insurance company will offer you fair settlement value for your case if you were represented by an attorney who does not pose a significant risk to that insurance company. Obviously, if that attorney as not obtained sizable jury verdicts consistently and recently, there is no threat to the insurance company, so it has no reason to pay you fair value for your case. Think about it. If you were the insurance company, would you do any differently?

Therefore, the first order of business in obtaining fair and full reimbursement for all of your damages if you have been permanently injured as a result of the negligence of another, is your choice in attorneys to represent you.

John Stebbins was an approximately 40 year old man, who was permanently injured when a vehicle was negligently backed into his path of travel, causing him to wreck his motorcycle, rather than being run over by the car. The evidence was that the crash caused his leg to be bent sideways, all the way back to his shoulder, ripping apart his knee. He was only offered $100,000.00 before trial to settle, an amount that, I am so sorry to say, many lawyers would have convinced the client to take. However, I believed his case was worth much more than that, so we agreed that the case should be tried.

At trial, John was a wonderful witness, because he is a wonderful person, and he was obviously truthful in his reporting of his injuries and their effect on both his professional and personal lives. One of the things that I tell all of my clients is that it is crucial that we make the jury understand and feel the pain that you must endure on a daily basis. The jury is not injured, does not suffer from permanent pain, and it is our job to make them feel what you have to go through every single day.

So when I asked John on the witness stand what the pain felt like in his knee and leg, he testified that every single day, no matter what medications or treatments he was trying to reduce the pain, his knee constantly felt that it was like “2,000 bees stinging my knee all at the same time constantly.”

Also, an interesting aspect to this case was that while the Defendant’s insurance company was attempting to lay at least some of the blame for the crash on John, the entire incident was witnessed by a retired Georgia State Patrol Officer, who testified that John was doing nothing wrong, clearly had the right of way, and the Defendant vehicle backed into his lane of travel, causing John to crash. The jury was obviously not happy with this transparent and ridiculous attempt by the insurance company to avoid at least some responsibility. This is not unusual.

Accordingly, the jury came back with a verdict of $7.8 million. We believe that this verdict is the largest jury verdict ever awarded in the United States for any knee injury case.

This shows precisely why credibility is everything in Court. We have it, they do not. Juries respond.

No lawyer can ever promise any results in any case. One of the things that we know, is that due to human nature, if we try the same case 10 times in front of 10 different juries, we will get 10 different results. That's just the way it is.

However, there are, as I said, only two ways to resolve a personal injury claim. One is through settlement, and the others through a jury verdict.

Either way, you must be represented by a tried-and-true, proven personal injury trial lawyer, or you are simply doing yourself and your family a disservice when it comes to your case.

Before hiring any personal injury attorney, find out what his or her track record is in obtaining jury verdicts, how many, how often and how recently. You can bet your life that the insurance company knows this information.

Find out how many wins, how many losses, what the offers were, what the results were. This is all crucial information to which you are entitled.

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