Motorcycle Accidents

In the State of Florida including Jacksonville, bikers take to the road on their motorcycles with the expectation and right to travel on the roads, highways, streets, and expressways. Motorcyclists, whether he or she is the weekend rider or an everyday rider, are hardworking Americans who show their spirit and patriotism through a strong work ethic and that certain individual American spirit and message that go hand-in-hand with motorcycle ownership and operation.

In just a moment in time, the entire way of life of a biker can be changed due to the negligence of another driver who fails to obey the basic rules of the road. If another driver is careless, negligent, or in some cases reckless, a claim or case can be pursued with the assistance of a Jacksonville motorcycle accident attorney on behalf of the injured motorcyclist for compensation and damages. There are a number of causes for a motorcycle accident. Many motorcycle accidents can be avoided if the driver at issue obeys the posted speed limits and signs and limits his or her distracted driving. It should be made clear that motorcyclists have every right to operate their bikes on Florida roadways. There is no assumption of risk in place in the ownership or operation of a motorcycle.

Here are some Common Causes of Motorcycle Accidents:

  • A driver make a careless left hand turn into the right of way of a motorcyclist.
  • A driver runs a stop sign and causes a T-Bone or Broadside collision with the motorcyclist.
  • A driver rear ends the back of a motorcycle.
  • A driver pulls out of a shopping center right into the path and right of way of the motorcyclist.
  • A driver changes lane without seeing the motorcyclist and cuts off the motorcyclist.

There are a number of ways in which a motorcycle accident can take place. It is important for every driver on the roads and streets to watch out for Motorcycles. While this is a somewhat simplistic statement and campaign, if more drivers would actually Watch Out for Motorcycles and respect the rights of motorcyclists - there would absolutely be many fewer and less serious motorcycle accidents.

When a biker is injured as a result of the negligence or carelessness of another driver, it is important to get an attorney in place who understands the rights, work ethic, and passion of a motorcyclist. Due to the size of a motorcycle when compared to the typical passenger motor vehicle, the personal injuries suffered by a motorcyclist are often extremely severe, and have a life-long effect on the injured biker. It is especially important to get a Motorcycle Accident Attorney in place who will protect and enforce the legal rights of the injured biker.

Based in the Jacksonville area, the experienced motorcycle accident lawyers at The Personal Injury Team understand the rights of injured bikers. Our founder, Eric S. Block, has been a biker for many years, and has owned everything from dirt bikes to speed bikes to baggers. Only an experienced biker can fully understand the complexities and importance of the operation of a motorcycle. A novice biker may not be as experienced but can still pursue a cause of action when the motorcycle accident is caused by the negligence or careless operation of a motor vehicle by another. When you are an experienced biker, novice biker, or somebody in between, you deserve the legal representation of an attorney with experience, a strong work ethic, and a proven track records of settlements, trials, and verdicts.

The Personal Injury Team has The Experience

The managing partner, Eric S. Block, has been in practice for over 25 years. Other attorneys in the law firm also have years of experience in handling personal injuries of all kinds including those related to motorcycle accidents. Unlike many law firms out there, The Personal Injury Team only handles personal injury cases. That's it. Put the experience of The Personal Injury Team to work for you.

The Personal Injury Team has a The Strong Work Ethic

The attorneys at The Personal Injury Team work days, nights and weekends to get the job done. Handling personal injury and motorcycle accident cases do not fall square within a typical 9 a.m. - 5 p.m. work day. A motorcycle accident case can typically involve hundreds of hours of dedicated work to get the case resolved through settlement OR to take the case right through trial and verdict. There is a strong team in place to get the job done. You will be treated respectfully and all efforts will be taken to protect and enforce your rights as an injured biker

The Personal Injury Team has The Proven Track Records of Settlements, Trials, and Verdicts

When you hire a Jacksonville motorcycle accident lawyer, make sure you ask about the attorney's experience not only with insurance claims but also with the actual type of litigation and trial of cases. Very few attorneys these days take cases on a regular basis through a jury trial. There is a tremendous amount of work to get a case through trial and many attorneys would rather settle for whatever is offered rather than taking the right case for the right reasons for the right client through to a jury verdict. The Personal Injury Team has a track record of over 180 winning jury verdicts - many of which resulted in verdicts in excess of $1,000,000 when the highest prior offer was well under $100,000 or even $50,000.

The Personal Injury Team is a Law Firm Built For You.

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