Pedestrian Accidents

In the State of Florida, there are approximately 9,000 pedestrians injured as a result of motor vehicle/pedestrian accidents on an annual basis. Of these 9,000 pedestrians, more than 600 pedestrians die as a result of crash related personal injuries. Certainly, the most vulnerable population of people in and on our roadways is the pedestrian. When a pedestrian suffers personal injuries, it is important to hire a Jacksonville, Florida pedestrian accident attorney who cares about their clients AND can get the job done by pursuing the case to its rightful conclusion and through a jury trial if necessary.

Pedestrians have Enforceable Legal Rights in the State of Florida.

It is important to note that a pedestrian has rights and all drivers of motor vehicles and trucks should honor these rights when a pedestrian is rightfully walking through a crosswalk and other designated areas. Furthermore, all drivers should pay close attention any time that a pedestrian in on or near a roadway. In two words, all driver should "Slow Down". This is especially important for school zones and any other areas where children pedestrians are located. It is most unfortunate when a pedestrian suffers personal injuries from a pedestrian/automobile accident from an avoidable or preventable automobile accident. Speed limit signs and road signs are posted for a reason and purpose. It is amazing to see that many drivers do not bother stopping at a stop sign or otherwise following the applicable signage and rules of the road. When a driver is negligent and a pedestrian is injured, there are a number of challenges to ultimate recovery of compensation for the victim. As such, it is important to hire an experienced pedestrian accident attorney.

Serious Personal Injuries to Pedestrians - Key Points to Consider

When a pedestrian is hit by a motor vehicle, the resulting personal injuries can be obviously serious and permanent in nature. Hospital and medical bills can be substantial just for the initial hospitalization and first round of medical care. There are significant challenges placed on the injured pedestrian and the family of the injured pedestrian in the aftermath of a Florida Pedestrian Accident. You can choose to face these challenges alone or you can get a lawyer to fight for you and make sure that you are treated fairly and properly under the law.

Here are some points and key concepts to keep in mind:

Florida is a Comparative Fault State. In other words, the fault for a particular pedestrian accident does not need to be 100 % on the driver. At times, the pedestrian may be partially at fault but can still pursue a personal injury case or claim even with this partial fault in place. A traffic citation does not have to be issued for a pedestrian to pursue a case or claim for personal injuries.

Medical bills can be covered or paid by the pedestrian's automobile insurance policy. To properly register a motor vehicle in the State of Florida, the owner of the motor vehicle must carry Personal Injury Protection (PIP) insurance coverage. If the pedestrian is a vehicle owner with automobile insurance OR if the pedestrian lives with a resident relative who owns a vehicle with PIP coverage, the injured pedestrian can file and process his or her medical bills with the PIP carrier. Here is another fact that many people do not know. If the pedestrian did not own a vehicle and did not live with a relative who owned a vehicle, the pedestrian's medical bills can be filled with the insurance company of the driver who hit or ran over the pedestrian. As you can see, just the issues of medical bills and PIP can be confusing. As such, it is best to hire a personal injury lawyer to guide, direct, and advise you as to this legal and insurance issues.

Insurance companies will even question or challenge the seriousness of the injuries to a pedestrian. While all the common sense in the world tells us that a pedestrian who is hit by a vehicle will suffer serious and permanent injuries - insurance companies still spend considerable money and resources in the form of investigators, claims adjusters, medical reviewers, and, yes, attorneys to challenge the bona fide personal injury claims of an injured pedestrian.

With a team of pedestrian accident attorneys, our law firm was founded to protect and enforce the rights of injured pedestrians and other injury victims. Founded by attorney Rick Block, The Personal Injury Team has taken over 180 civil cases through to a jury trial and verdict. Insurance companies regularly challenge pedestrian injury cases and require proof and proper presentation of the personal injuries. The Personal Injury Team understands these challenges and will fight the fight to get the injured pedestrian the compensation that he or she deserves. Remember, The Personal Injury Team is a Law Firm Built for You. Call us today for a Free Consultation at (904) 475-9400.

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