Six Reasons to Get a Second Opinion as to Your Personal Injury Case or Claim

As a client pursuing a personal injury claim or case, you are the right to seek a second opinion regarding the value of your case, the direction of your case, and the handling of your case. Florida Personal Injury Attorneys receive a percentage of the settlement of a case. Sadly, many attorneys go for the quick settlement rather than working through the case and the issues in order to get a reasonable or, better yet, a top value for the personal injury claim or case. Before you go ahead and take the easy but possibly unwise way out of a personal injury claim or case, you should seek out a second opinion for your case. Please take note. Once a case is settled, there is often no turning back. A personal injury attorney can merely send a letter to the adjuster or just verbally accept the settlement offer and your case can be over. Here are six reasons to keep in mind and consider for getting a second opinion as to your personal injury case or claim.

Reason #1 for Getting a Second Opinion.

A Client has Right to Get a Second Opinion. While a personal injury attorney may not like a client questioning questioning his or her judgment or recommendation, the fact remains that a client has the right to seek out and obtain a second opinion on the value and direction of a case or claim. It should be pointed out that many attorneys do an excellent job and make the right recommendations for all of the right reasons. Under these circumstances, a second opinion will merely give the client the peace of mind that he or she hired an excellent attorney who is handling the case appropriately. On the other hand, there are cases in which the attorney is not necessarily giving good advice and is actually underselling the true potential value of the case by pushing for a settlement. Under these circumstances, the client may be better served by hiring another attorney.

Reason #2 for Getting a Second Opinion

The Hired Attorney is Afraid to Take the Case to Trial. Many Florida Personal Injury Attorneys do not regularly try cases and actually do not enjoy the challenge, risk, and battle involved with trials. As such, these Florida Personal Injury Attorneys would rather settle the case, even for a low ball amount, than go to trial. The Personal Injury Team is one of the few law firms these days with trial attorneys who not only enjoys the battle and challenge of trials but thrive on it. Rick Block has taken over 180 cases through to a jury trial with a verdict. With the right case and right client, Rick Block has recovered over a million dollars for clients with prior settlement offers at $50,000 and below. While each case or claim must be evaluated on its own facts and merits, there is a great amount of wasted potential for personal injury cases that have been settled too soon or for too little money.

Reason #3 for Getting a Second Opinion

The Hired Attorney Does Not Have the Funds to Trial the Case. The trial of a Florida Personal Injury Case can be quite extensive. It can costs in the tens of thousands of dollars and higher to take a case through trial. As such, the pursuit of a Florida Personal Injury Case through trial takes skill, hard work, dedication, and, yes, money. It is important that the Florida Personal Injury Attorney has the financial resources to take a case through trial. Keep in mind that taking one case through a jury trial is no easy task from a financial or work standpoint. Now, when you consider that The Personal Injury Team Law Firm has taken over 180 cases through jury verdict, it is truly astounding. When The Personal Injury Team takes a case through trial, The Personal Injury Team does so with the determined intent and ability to do one thing - WIN. Of course, no attorney can guarantee a result but The Personal Injury Team can be distinguished from other law firms by the impressive history of trial work and going to battle with insurance companies.

Reason #4 for Getting a Second Opinion

The Medical Treatment is Ongoing and Future Treatment is Needed. As noted above, once a case is settled it is settled. There will be no future payments made and the case cannot be opened at a later date because the Personal Injury Victim underestimated the future medical bills or the impact of the personal injuries on his or her life. If you have suffered a personal injury that requires additional therapy, pain management, surgery, or other treatment, be very careful and cautious about the first settlement offer that comes your way. Make an informed decision as to the direction and resolution of your personal injury case by getting a second opinion.

Reason #5 for Getting a Second Opinion

The Impact of the Injuries is Real and the Settlement Offer is Low. As a Personal Injury Victim, you are entitled to compensation for past and future medical bills, pain, suffering, mental anguish, and loss of enjoyment of life. If you suffered a permanent injury that will last your entire lifetime, a settlement offer of $10,000 to $50,000 is not even going to scrape the surface of what you will have to deal with for the rest of your life.

Reason #6 for Getting a Second Opinion.

You Deserve to Get a Second Opinion. Simply stated, for all that you have and will go through, you deserve it and will best serve yourself by getting a Second Opinion of your case.

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