The Importance of Second Opinions in Medicine and in Law - Get You Personal Injury Case Reviewed BEFORE You Settle

Everyone knows that if you have been diagnosed with any serious medical condition, and especially if there are invasive medical procedures recommended, it is always best to get a second opinion. Your legal rights are no less important, and second opinions are equally crucial when a victim is pursuing a personal injury claim or case through an attorney.

If you have been seriously injured, and for any reason you feel discomfort with the level, degree, enthusiasm, experience, knowledge or any aspect of your legal representation, it would be downright irresponsible not to obtain a second opinion from an experienced personal injury attorney, especially since you can get an evaluation of your case for free.

Based in Jacksonville, Florida, the Personal Injury Team is a Law Firm Built for You. On a daily basis, the Personal Injury Team is contacted by victims who are represented by another law firm to get a free review of the case. Far too often, a personal injury case is settled for well below the reasonable value of the case because the handling attorney fails to see the true potential of the case OR the handling attorney wants to take the easy way out and settle as opposed to bringing the case further and through trial if necessary. It should be noted that the Personal Injury Team is often contacted by other attorneys as well to take over cases that need further work up, litigation, and, yes when necessary a trial. Please contact the Personal Injury Team today to get your case reviewed. Do not wait until it is too late and the case is settled OR the case has been handled in a way that makes it difficult to settle or take to trial.

Far too many people think that once they have signed a contract with a lawyer, they are stuck with that lawyer forever. Not true. Especially if the lawyer is not appropriately representing your interests, not zealously fighting for you, not doing everything possible to maximize your recovery.

Dissatisfaction with your current attorney can take many forms . . .

Dissatisfaction with legal representation can take many forms. From simply not getting phone calls promptly returned, to not getting questions fully answered, to not having all of the issues of your case fully explain to your complete understanding, to sometimes just having that feeling in the pit of your stomach that something is not quite right. There are a myriad of issues that can create feelings of doubt, worry, even distrust. Remember, it is your case. There is no excuse for your having to deal with these types of feelings about your own case and your own future. Call the Personal Injury Team and find out what difference we can make for you and your case.

First, get a second opinion. Then, if the second opinion validates your issues, especially if you can show that you would be discharging your lawyer quote for cause," that is precisely what needs to happen.

In Florida, if a personal injury lawyer on any contingency fee case is discharged quote for cause," then that lawyer is not entitled to a fee. However, even if the attorney is discharged "without cause," that attorneys fee is limited to what is called "quantum merit, which means basically by the hour, as opposed to the percentages that are specified in the attorneys fee contract. The point is, the vast majority of the time, one would not be changing lawyers in the middle of a case unless there was a good cause to do so.

The point of all of this is that very often people find themselves dissatisfied with their legal representation for a personal injury case including those that relate to car accidents, and mistakenly believe that once they have signed a contract, they do not have the right to change attorneys. This just simply isn't so.

Remember, you have one chance at getting the best recovery from your claim. If you are convinced, for any reason whatsoever, that your claim would be better handled by another personal injury lawyer, you should definitely get a second opinion and explore your options.

Even if it is just to feel better about being represented appropriately.

Get a Second Opinion of Your Persona Injury Case Today . . .

If you would like a second opinion at any time, including right now, feel free to contact the Personal Injury Team - a Law Firm Built for You. You can complete the contact form on this website or contact the managing partner - Rick Block - directly on his mobile phone at (904) 607-8888.

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