Truck Accidents

There are over 15 million trucks in the United States. It is estimated that approximately 13 percent of these vehicles are semi-tractor trailers otherwise referred to semis, or "big rigs." When a driver or passenger is injured as a result of an accident or crash with a semi-trailer trailer, the damages - both personal and property - can be incredibly devastating. Let's face it - the typical passenger motor vehicle is no match in size, weight, density, or force as compared to a semi-tractor trailer or commercial vehicle. While there have been safeguards and improvements in the design of both motor vehicles and commercial trucks, there is no preventing the significant personal injuries when a heavy commercial truck crashes or collides into a passenger motor vehicle. Certainly, the injury victim and family should enlist a Jacksonville truck accident lawyer to pursue a legal claim or case to pursue against the truck driver, trucking company, and the applicable automobile and truck insurance companies. Once the decision is made to search for a lawyer to handle a truck personal injury case, then the task at hand will be to select the correct attorney. There are many factors to consider.

Some injury victims select an attorney by merely a photograph, billboard, television advertisement, or banner advertisement on a website. While these are popular methods of selecting an attorney, it really is not the best or most sensible way to select an attorney. Truck drivers and truck companies are well represented by an army of investigators, claims adjusters, inspectors, and attorneys. In many cases, there are significant (layered) insurance policies in place and the injury victim could ultimately be compensated a significant amount assuming that the injuries, medical care, medical bills, and, yes, legal representation are in place to secure what the injury victim deserves.

How do you get the right truck accident lawyer after a Jacksonville crash? Make a wise decision and base the decision on the following factors: experience, know how, skill, trial appearances, published results, and finally the willingness and ability of the attorney to attend to the needs of you the client from day one through the conclusion of your case which may require a trial if necessary.

The Personal Injury Team has The Experience

It is important to note that experience counts, especially if the insurance company knows the reputation and results of the attorney you hire to handle your truck accident case. Eric S. (Rick) Block is the managing partner of The Personal Injury Team. He alone has tried to verdict over 180 trials. The insurance companies and trucking companies know it. You should know this as well. It is not as simple as what you see on television. There are hundreds of hours by the attorneys at The Personal Injury Team put in on any given case that makes it to trial. It is much different than the legal dramas and shows you see on television.

The Personal Injury Team has The Know How

In any given personal injury case including those involving semi-tractor trailers and commercial vehicles, there is a certain know-how that is necessary to properly handle the case or the claim. It is important for the lawyer to understand the applicable commercial truck regulations and how a case can be properly brought against all companies and entities involved with the trucking and transportation issues.

The Personal Injury Team has The Skill

To properly handle and litigate if necessary a truck accident case or lawsuit, the injury lawyers you hire need to have the skill inside and outside of the courtroom. Many attorneys spend most of their work days in the office handling claims and possibly a few cases that go into litigation or into a lawsuit. Serving people in Jacksonville and surrounding areas, the truck accident attorneys at The Personal Injury Team are battle ready and battle tested and rarely sit still in the office due to the need to be prepared for depositions, hearings, doctor conferences, and, yes - when necessary - trial. Do not worry - the attorneys and staff at The Personal Injury Team will be there for office conferences with you and for telephone calls with and from you. We firmly believe that The Personal Injury Team is a Law Firm Built For You.

The Personal Injury Team has The Trial Appearances and Published Results

For the past 25 years, The Personal Injury Team has taken real cases for real clients to trial with real good results. As you can see, it's all real. Let's face it. Results should and do speak louder than any advertisement in evaluating the skill, know-how, and experience of an attorney and law firm. Certainly, each case is evaluated on its own merits and the results of your individual case should be based on the facts of your case and not the past settlement and trial record of the law firm. However, the insurance companies pay attention to trial appearances and published results. Do you want to get an attorney with no trial record or just a limited trial record versus an attorney and law firm with over 180 published verdicts? Cases just do not magically go to trial and get results. The trial appearances and published results are from hundreds of hours of work on the case and a dedication to serve the client and get justice.

The Personal Injury Team has The Passion for its Work and The Compassion for its Clients

When a person is injured as a result of trucking accident, it can be quite stressful and particularly challenging to be unrepresented or represented by an attorney without the attributes and character as demonstrated by The Personal Injury Team. If you want a Jacksonville truck accident attorney who cares and gets the job done on a truck accident case, contact the attorneys at The Personal Injury Team NOW for a FREE CONSULTATION. Remember, we are a Law Firm Built for You.

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