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The Lawyer's Lawyer... What does this mean? In Florida and the rest of the United States, there are a select group of law firms and personal injury attorneys who are regularly contacted by other attorneys to take over personal injury cases and / or take personal injury cases through trial. If any person knows how to select a high quality, skilled, and experienced attorney to handle a personal injury case, it is another attorney - that's right The Personal Injury Team is a law firm that other attorneys strategically turn to handle the challenging job and tasks of bringing the case forward into litigation and through trial when necessary. Why would another attorney give up his or her case completely OR decide to share in the attorney fees with another firm? Litigating and trying a personal injury case are not easy tasks. It truly takes seasoned, confident lawyers to handle the rigors and challenges of personal injury litigation. This is especially true when a case gets brought through trial. Here are some points to consider...

Our Personal Injury Law Firm Has Taken Over 180 Civil Cases Through Trial to Verdict

Many of these verdicts that well exceeded $1,000,00 (One Million Dollars) involved cases that were originally handled or initiated by another attorney or law firm. Over the course of the case, it was decided that the case needed the attention, passion, and drive of the attorneys at The Personal Injury Team. While there are many quality personal injury attorneys in just about every community, few attorneys have the trial experience and track record in the form of published jury victims like the attorneys at The Personal Injury Team.

We Are Hand Picked by Clients and Other Attorneys to Handle Personal Injury Cases.

Furthermore, even fewer firms can make the factual statement that we are The Lawyer's Lawyer. In other words, The Personal Injury Team is the law firm hand picked by other attorneys to assist them with the litigation and trial of a personal injury case. While The Personal Injury Team gladly and readily works with other colleagues in the community on a collaborative basis, The Personal Injury Team also accepts legal representation from the beginning or start of the case as well.

We Have Appeared in State and Federal Courts Across the State and Beyond.

The personal injury attorneys at our law firm have appeared in State and Federal Court throughout the State of Florida and beyond. When you are the Lawyer's Lawyer, you are called upon to handle cases in different cities, counties, and courts. Wherever there is a client in need of the services of a seasoned personal injury trial attorney, you will very well see our law firm. With a strong work ethic, skill, experience, and know now, we get to work and go the distance when many other law firms do not. Before hiring an attorney, find out how the case will be handled and the attorney's trial record. You will see that very few firms if any in the State of Florida or the country for that matter can match or even approach the trial verdict as obtained by the attorneys at our law firm.

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