What is a Personal Injury Verdict?

We are a Personal Injury Law Firm... We Focus on the Clients, Cases, and Trials Rather Than Mass Advertising

The Personal Injury Team, a law firm based in Jacksonville, Florida, has a proud history and record personal injury jury verdicts that stand apart from most other personal injury law firms in the State of Florida, and even the Nation. If you travel through most cities in Florida and beyond, you will see billboard after billboard of the advertising law firms for personal injury cases. Many of these firms spend a considerable time and dollars on these billboards; however, let's face the facts - a billboard does not get your case to a jury trial if necessary - It is the hard work, dedication, skill, strategy, and, yes to some extent the reputation of the personal injury attorney that gets the job done on a claim or case. Our law firm recognizes the right of other law firms to advertise on billboards. We also recognize the right not to advertise in this manner and the prerference to concentrate on the most important person out there - the client. From the first day to the distribution of the settlement or lawsuit proceeds and compensation, The Personal Injury Team stands by the client through jury verdict if necessary on cases related to automobile, motorcycle, truck, bicycle, and pedestrian accidents.

We Get Results Through Personal Injury Settlements or Jury Trials (Jury Verdicts)

What is a Personal Injury Jury Verdict? The verdict for is typically two to five pages that completed in part by a jury to answer questions of fact and to make a determination of the amount of compensation, when applicable and appropriate, to a personal injury victim. While the form itself is not that complicated, the process to get a case as handled by our Jacksonville Florida personal injury attorneys through a jury verdict is filled with hundreds of hours of work and dedication on behalf of the personal injury victim. If a verdict is rendered in favor of the personal injury victim, claimant, or party, then the jury is asked to determine the amount of compensation for past and present medical bills, past and present lost wages, past and present pain, suffering, mental anguish, and loss of enjoyment of life. Once the verdict is entered, the the defendant, defendant company, and / or insurance company for the defendant may then finally decide to pay out according to the jury verdict or may choose to go the route of an appeal. When our law firm takes a case through jury verdict, the applicable insurance company then usually pays In just about every instance. Only a few of the 180 jury verdicts were subjected to an appeal or mistrial. In summary, when our law firm takes a case to trial, the client typically benefits in the form of a much larger verdict award and compensation then was every offered prior to trial. Of course, it should be noted that a number of personal injury cases do not go to trial and get settled including those handled by the lawyers at our law firm.

We can and Will Go the Distance When Many Other Law Firms may Just Settle for Less

When you hire an attorney, you should get an attorney who can go the distance if necessary and an attorney who the insurance companies know, respect, and in circumstances fear. Personal injury attorneys and law firms are like runners in a marathon. Just about any runner can start a marathon even one that has no stamina, skill, abilities, or strength; however, only a few runners can finish a marathon and finish it in stride and finish the race well. Keep in mind that our law firm will use its best efforts to resolve your case in a timely manner if possible. In many instances, the insurnace company is ready willing and able to settle a case for a reasonable amount or at the applicable insurance policy limits. This is due, in part, because the insurance company knows that our law firm can and will go the distance and through a jury verdict if necessary.

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