Where is Your Attorney?

The Personal Injury Team is in court fighting for your legal rights.

The Personal Injury Team is a law firm that consists of dedicated and experienced trial lawyers who on most days are in a deposition proceeding, court hearing, mediation, or trial. The work life of a trial attorney is quite demanding and allows for little time to do anything but to push a case forward through to trial, if necessary and practical to do so. This brings us to the question when you are considering an attorney for a personal injury case. Where is your attorney?

Not on Billboards. The First Amendment of our Constitution and the applicable attorney Bar Rules allow for advertising. Many firms advertise on billboards. This is especially true for personal injury attorneys. The fact that an attorney advertises on a billboard is neither a good thing or a bad thing; however, it should be noted that the presence of an attorney on a billboard does nothing to litigate and move a case forward to its rightful conclusion, settlement, or trial. Insurance adjusters and employees drive by billboards every day just like the rest of us. Seeing an attorney on billboard does not strike fear of an attorney or respect of an attorney in the eyes of the insurance company or corporation; however, seeing an attorney frequently in trial and in publications with successful trial verdicts does strike the tones of fear and respect. At The Personal Injury Team, our attorneys busy pushing forward our client's cases, not billboards.

Not on Television Advertising. For attorneys who present well in a time frame of 30 seconds, advertising through television commercials can be quite productive and establishing the name of the attorney with the viewing public. However, the litigation and trial of a case takes much more than 30 seconds. It takes that certain attention to detail. Some trials take as little as 3 days, while others take weeks. The preparation for a trial attorney that takes any case to trial requires literally hundreds of hours. It is time and labor intensive, but well worth the effort, especially when the end result or verdict has a positive and profound impact on the life of the client and his/her family.

Again, there is nothing wrong with television advertising or advertising in general according to our Constitution, however, you must decide if you want an attorney who you see in a short snippet of 30 seconds, or an attorney with a proven track record of both past and recent verdicts in court.

The Personal Injury Team does not advertise on TV.

Most importantly, TV is expensive. Where do "advertising lawyers" get the money to pay for this expensive form of advertising? From their client's cases. Think about that. Do some advertising lawyers persuade their clients to settle so they can pay their advertising bills? Think about that.

Again, The Personal Injury Team does not advertise on television.

Not on Bus Benches. Again, there is nothing wrong with an attorney or any business for that matter to advertise. However, to be included on a bus bench as an attorney merely requires the expenditure of funds, a picture, or graphic or two. There is absolutely no certification skill to be included on a bus bench advertisement. There are some experienced personal injury attorneys who use this as a form of advertising. Then, again, there are a number of attorneys on bus benches who have never, never successfully tried a personal injury case. But they create an "image" to make it look like otherwise. Like with other major life decisions, choose your attorney carefully. Get the facts. The advertisement on the bus bench may be interesting and eye-catching, but you should hire an attorney based on so much more than a bus bench advertisement.

The Personal Injury Team is not on bus benches.

Not at Sporting Events and Other Mass Media. It may or may not be great or admirable for an attorney or law firm to advertise at sporting events and other venues. However, a mere advertisement at a sporting event does not mean that the attorney has ever been or ever will be in court for a client.

The Personal Injury Team has supported various children's sporting events over the years, but has never purchased advertising for major sporting events.

Mass media advertising takes time and money. It can be quite expensive placing many advertisements in the community. However, at The Personal Injury Team, we prefer to put all of our time and resources to the most important part of the community - our clients. The attorneys at The Personal Injury Team are literally working, days, nights, and weekends to get a case resolved through a fair and just settlement OR to take the battle to the courtroom to enforce the rights of the innocent injury victim.

In Person. As pointed out, a law firm or attorney can choose to spend its time and efforts to advertise, and that is where you may seen the attorney throughout the media or community. At The Personal Injury Team, you will see the attorneys at the Courthouse fighting the fight. You will also see our team in person any time that an office consultation or a meeting is needed to further the pursuit of the case. The Personal Injury Team is strong enough to fight the fight but small enough to give you the level of client / customer service that is so important and vital to the successful pursuit of a personal injury case.

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